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Get Your Website Ranked High With The Best SEO Packages For Your Business

Finding the perfect SEO Packages is more important in today’s competitive online marketplace than it has ever been at any point in its history. SEO has become the most effective marketing technique for scaling traffic online. With more than 3.5 billion searches per day on Google alone, Brands that invest in good quality SEO are able to secure high rankings and achieve a competitive advantage over their adversaries. SEO can be a complex, challenging process which requires an experienced team and the right mix of services for it to be successful. Therefore the Green Gecko Digital SEO Package provides all the important services that will achieve a successful search engine optimisation.

Green Gecko Digital SEO Packages are not only aimed at attracting visitors to your website, instead we aim for visitors searching for what you sell or people with a problem you can solve. Our SEO package is designed to be the perfect solution for attracting and engaging prospective customers.

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What Is Included In Our SEO Packages?

Our SEO Package is not a one-size fits all. We customize our service offerings to meet your specific requirements. From SEO for small businesses, monthly SEO packages, local SEO packages; our packages are tailored to suit all your business needs.

Depending on your preferred requirements, our affordable SEO packages will include some or all the following services:

Premium SEO Software

To provide the best SEO Package, we invest in premium SEO software which makes building the right links and keywords a lot easier. With premium SEO software we are able to save us time while increasing your profits. Premium SEO software helps us to provide you with targeted and organised keywords as well as link insights for organic search precision.

Keyword Research

Brands that rank well in Google’s organic search results in relation to important keywords and phrases are in an ideal position to educate customers and compete for their business. Keyword selection is an important part of SEO. If you want your site to appear in front of relevant leads, you must choose the right keywords. Keywords trigger your website to appear in the search results. Bearing your business objectives in mind, we begin with a search for terms that will get your business ranking high. The Green Gecko Digital monthly SEO Packages include keyword research and customer analysis to help you create the best SEO campaign for your business. The cost of our SEO Packages depends on how many keywords you want to target per month.

Professionally Written Content

Quality content is the most important factor that search engines use to rank your website. Content is also what will convince your website visitors to buy what you are selling. With Green Gecko Digital’s SEO Package, we have content specialists specifically dedicated to write content that will make your site rank high and at the same time persuade your website visitor to buy your products or services.

seo packages

Written Press Release and Distribution

Although not so popular in most SEO Packages UK, we include press release and distribution as an important element in the SEO Package. Press Releases are important not only for search engine optimisation, but for marketing in general. It all goes back to the issue of backlinks and the authority they give to your website. However, Press Releases can negatively affect SEO if they are not done the right way. Therefore, press releases should not be your top priority but rather an addition to the rest of your holistic SEO strategy.  Press releases complement other areas of your SEO strategy and they help to boost your website authority. A Press release that is unique, eloquent, valuable, and attention-grabbing is more likely to be picked up and championed by a newspaper, media outlet or other blogs. If done right, press releases have a positive impact on your SEO.

On-page Optimisation

We provide On-page SEO which helps your site to be optimised for both human eyes and search engine bots. Your website has about eight seconds to influence a visitor to interact with the website. One of the major factors influencing on-page optimisation is relevance. The more interaction and engagement, plus the longer users stay on the site, the better their experience. Our skilled experts are work with on-page SEO components such as content elements, site architecture elements, and HTML elements. These elements help to tell Google all about your website and its relevance i.e. how you provide value to visitors and customers.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is very crucial in the whole optimisation process. Without Technical SEO all efforts become null and void. Technical SEO is the process of optimising the website infrastructure to help search engines to access, crawl, interpret and index the site. To provide the best SEO package UK, our work starts with a technical SEO audit of your site. Then our technical SEO experts work on optimising a number of elements such as: the domain, robots.txt files, URL structure and a few other elements which might be a confusing for now. To get more details on how we carry out our technical SEO, get in touch or request a complementary audit.

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Monthly Reports

We have a range of SEO packages and with all of them you will receive a monthly report detailing the work undertaken, progress and your website will climb up the search engine rankings. We aim to keep you in the loop. You’ll get information on keyword reporting, monthly return on investment (ROI), traffic reporting, goal reporting, and more. When you’re investing money in the best SEO package, you deserve to know what’s going on with your campaign. That’s why it’s important that your package includes constant reporting. You should know how your campaign is performing and if it is effectively driving results.


Our affordable SEO Package includes monthly monitoring and reporting of your campaigns to ensure that your strategy includes the latest trends and methods. Google is constantly updating their algorithm, so it’s important that your SEO campaign changes with it.

seo packages

Backlink Generation

We acknowledge the power in backlinking so this means that we’ll create content that earns your website links from others. This traffic will help make your website ‘an authority in your industry’, as search engines see it. With our SEO expertise we will find quality backlinks which will earn your website more credit from Google

How Long Do I Have To Be On a Contract With Green Gecko Digital?

Good news is, unlike other firms, we do not ask for a 12-month agreement. Our minimum term is 3 months. SEO is not an over-night job. Search Engine Optimisation takes months. We undertake careful planning before carrying out tasks. Once the we publish the amends, the search engines need time to recognise and reward your website. The site normally experiences results within 2-3 months depending on the level of competition.


Choosing the right SEO Packages specifically designed for you is essential if you want to compete or grow your business. We offer a range of SEO services from increasing page loading speed and time spent on site to keyword research and implementation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We’re passionate about helping local businesses and would love to add value to your organisation!

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Clients & Testimonials

Lewis Bell

Director – UK Shield

Excellent from start to finish, very happy with the finished product and delivered an excellent and personable service. Very very happy with my excellent taste in SEO Consultants Leeds – cannot recommend enough.

Harry Sekhon

Director – Lemon Lettings

We’re extremely pleased with Green Gecko’s work. They’re certainly one of the most effect agencies we’ve worked with (and that’s saying something). The best SEO in Leeds! Thank you team Gecko.

Arofikina Daria

Owner – Coffee Within

Great service throughout. We went through everything in detail, highlighting the most important parts. I am pleased with the work and will definitely come back when I will need more exposure.