Lindley Composite Doors

About project

Period: Feb-Apr 2018

Client: Lindley Composite Doors

Subject: New Website with SEO

Lindley Composite Doors contacted us in February. Lindley wanted their website live in less than 3 weeks. Our team worked around the clock to make this happen.

Our Task Was

To launch a completely new website within a tight time-frame.

Lindley required full screen background images, a responsive gallery with captions and SEO tasks.


As we had less than 3 weeks to make this happen, a clear process was crucial to launching on-time.

  • Both companies were in daily contact
  • We were in contact with Lindley’s suppliers who provided imagery
  • Work was approved on a timely basis
  • A weekly meeting was held at Lindley’s head office
  • All Lindley’s branch managers were consulted and informed
  • Recommendations and suggestions were implemented
  • The website was launched on-time!


We designed and created a website that shows off Lindley’s exceptional product range.

  • Several orders were received through the website in the first week
  • Lindley’s organic presence is increasing
  • Their customers love the website
  • Lindley’s market share is increasing


Lindley Composite Doors were so pleased with their website that they instructed us to create another website for them!