Lemon Lettings

About project

Period: June-Sep 2017

Client: Lemon Lettings

Subject: New Website

Lemon Lettings approached us to be their digital partner. Lemon required a new website to attract more customers and to further grow their business.

Our Task Was

To create a website designed to increase leads.

Lemon also instructed us to set up and manage pay per click advertising and social media. Furthermore, we designed all their branding – from logos and headed letters to letting boards and videos.


The process was carefully planned and crafted with Lemon’s directors and marketing managers.

  • A website structure was chosen
  • Logo drafts and mockups were submitted
  • We learnt the nature of Lemon’s business
  • Several visits were arranged between both companies
  • Work was reviewed and approved every week
  • Suggestions and recommendations were made
  • Final payment received and the project signed off


We created a website that generated 7 new, high-value customers every month.

  • The website paid for itself in 1 month
  • Profitable pay per click advertising – currently still live
  • Social media management surpassed forecast
  • The videos created featured in several adverts


Lemon Lettings were extremely pleased with the new website. Furthermore, they still contract us to manage their pay per click advertising.

Since partnering, Lemon have referred other businesses to us. We continue to work side by side and meet on a monthly basis.